29.5" Acer Predator

29.5" Acer Predator Z301C, Curved G-Sync, 144Hz, 21:9, 2560x1080 (@200Hz OC'd), 4ms, 5x USB 3.0, HDMI/DP, Black/Red


ACER Gaming Monitor - Curved Screen - 29.5” LED Display - Predator Z301C

ACER Curved Monitor | Explore Beyond Limits

This 29.5"-inch monster predator gaming monitor is the new addition to the curved displays and speakers Acer have. It has Acer flicker-less technology which removes screen flickering for a guaranteed no disturbance while playing your intensive game. You don't have to worry about your eyes straining if you're playing all night as this comes with a 'BlueLightShield' which minimizes blue light that decreases the strain to your eyes. The ComfyView on the Z301C features a matte TFT screen and reduces glare. The main feature of the Predator is the 200Hz refresh rate which is attained through overclocking.


UltraWide Curved Monitor Experience

A cinematic 21:9 aspect ratio on a 1800R curved display is a perfect setup for RPG and simulation games where immersion is everything. Completely immerse your peripheral vison with this ultrawide, curved gaming monitor. Experience a panoramic view with wraparound game space that pulls you deeper into new worlds.


Aggressive Gaming Style

The front of this curved Acer Predator brings a futurictic aluminum base design and a matte black finish with touches of the Predator red, emphasizing the aggressive gamer style. The reverse of this curved monitor is also built with aggressive angles, plus it features ergonomic tilt and height adjustment capabilities to help complete the picture and comfort.



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Enhanced Gaming Hz Speeds

Overclock to a lightning-fast 200Hz refresh rate to get all the speed you need to dominate your opponents. Use it to your advantage by finding your enemies before they spot you or enjoy crystal clear turns on the racetrack.


NVIDIA G-Sync Embedded Gaming Monitor

Experience NVIDIAs G-Sync and its capability to create smooth, uninterupted game-play. By syncing frames that your GPU renders to the refresh rate of your monitor, the G-Sync embedded into this curved display will eliminate screen tearing and minimize stuttering.


Immersive, Powerful Audio

The Predator curved monitor features its own audio sound. Built into the curve of the screen are 2 x 3W stereo speakers that will kick out impressive audio, helping immerse you within your games, film or any other media you utilise.


Connecting you to Curved Capabilities

Price: € 930.00