500GB Toshiba SATA

500GB Toshiba MQ01ABF050 2.5" Slim Hard Drive, 7 mm Height, SATA II, 5400 RPM, 5.56ms, 8MB Cache


Product Overview

The Toshiba MQ01ABF050 condenses high capacity storage in a thin and lightweight hard disk drive series that holds from up to 500GB of digitized data in a 7mm high package. At 92 grams it is over 34% lighter than the leading cellular phone with a 24.7% slimmer profile.

In addition to its sleep dimensions the 5400 RPM drive also features fast performance to speed data across a SATA 6Gbit/s interface while operating at whisper quiet acoustics.

Designed for the rigours of mobility, the drive offers the same durability against shock and vibration as its 9.5mm high counterpart, making it ideal for slim line laptops as well as space constrained digital video recorders, all in one desktop PCs, printers and other computing applications.




• Up to 500 GB of Storage Capacity
• 2.5-inch 7 mm Slim Form Factor
• 5,400 rpm
• SATA up to 3.0 Gbit/s
• Advanced Format (AF) 512e
• MTTF of 600,000 hours
• Low Power Consumption Versus 3.5-inch HDDs (DT01ACA series)
• Quiet Operation Versus 3.5-inch HDDs (DT01ACA series)
• RoHS Compatible, Halogen-Free and Antimony-Free
• Improved Performance with Native Command Queue (NCQ)
• Optimize HDD Health with SMART


Price: € 67.50