Cooler Master 412S

Cooler Master Hyper 412S CPU Cooler 4x DT Heatpipes with 120mm Silent Fan - Supports Intel and AMD CPUs


Product Overview

The Hyper 412S CPU Cooler is designed for optimum heat dissipation at low fan speeds.

This is thanks to wider fin gaps and a precise heat pipe layout that directs each of their four heat pipes across CPU “hot zones”.

These heat pipes are arranged using Cooler Master’s patented CDC™ technology, creating a virtual vapor chamber for maximum cooling potential. The 412S comes equipped with an ultra low speed silent mode fan adapter to virtually erase noise levels.



• Adopts the innovative patented CDC™ (Continuous Direct Contact) technology - side-by-side heat pipe configurations with no gaps creating a perfectly smooth surface for heat conduction.

• Optimized with wider fin gaps to reduce the air flow resistance which maximizes cooling performance at low fan speed condition.

• Quick-snap fan bracket design for easier installation.

• Super low fan speed (900 R.P.M. with Silent Mode Adapter) provides almost noiseless performance.

• Versatile all-in-one mounting solution supporting the latest Intel® LGA 2011 and AMD FM1.

Price: € 67.50