iKydz Internet Control

Parental Internet Control. For all ages of kids.

iKydz is the ultimate digital parenting tool, helping you to manage your kids’ online time. One iKydz smart device and one App lets you control all your kids’ connected devices. We are parents too and so we’ve made the simplest internet controller solution for every age of child.


Why is iKydz the best internet safety device for your kids?

iKydz is a simple smart device and app that lets you easily manage all internet security and safety for your kids both at home and when they are mobile. Here are some of the reasons why it is so great.

Single smart device & app

One simple smart device & one app that let you manage all other connected devices in your home.

Easy to use

Plug iKydz into your home router & download the app to your phone. No technical knowledge required.

Manage all devices from your phone

Control internet access & content to every device; phones, tablets, gaming consoles, TVs. All from your phone from anywhere in the world

One payment. No subscription.

You pay just once for iKydz Home. You don’t pay anything else. All updates and upgrades are free for life.


Kids are tech-savvy so we’ve made iKydz tamper-proof. There is no way around it.

Price: € 99.00