In Win 805C Mid Tower

In Win 805C Mid Tower Computer Chassis, Black, ATX/Micro ATX/Mini ITX, with Glass Panels, USB 3.1 C, White LED Logo


Product Overview In Win 805 Mid Tower Chassis
805 features a see through skeleton case structure design offering versatile HDD mounting positions creating excellent flexibility. 805 supports the all-new reversible USB 3.1 Type-C to which increases your high speed data transmissions. 805 is inherited the spirit of pursuing exquisite craftsmanship and innovative designing that brings not only the visual aesthetics but also gaming performance.

Unparalleled Panel Design
Modern and simplicity appearance with see through case skeleton structure for those who want a uniquely stylish chassis with modern design.

Incredibly Dynamic Visual Effects
The 270 degree wide-angle visual perspective allows you to enjoy dynamic visual and gaming presentations while the system is running.

Unique In Win LED Logo
In Win logo will automatically light up on the side of the case when the computer is powered on.

• White LED Light (Gold/Black Version).
• Red LED Light (Red Version).

Super Speed Transmission USB 3.1 Type-C
805 is equipped with one all-new reversible USB3.1 TYPE-C port for ultimate data speed transfers up to 10Gb/s which is twice as fast USB 3.0*. This feature saves valuable transfer time and also the USB3.1 TYPE-C is easily accessible at both ends.

High Quality Material
The elegant and sleek 805 is constructed with high quality aluminum body surrounded by three tempered glasses with anodized stylish hairline on the top and front I/O panels.

Versatile HDD Mounting Position for Optimized Functionality
Two optional fans can be mounted at the bottom by moving HDD trays to the front to enhance airflow and achieve maximum heat dissipation.

Excellent Liquid Cooling Support
Overall the 805 can accommodate two radiators (front and rear) to create the ultimate liquid cooling system for best cooling performance and thermal solutions.

Equipped with 8 PCI-E Slots
805 supports 8 x re-usable PCI-E slots that you can build a multi-GPU system to achieve powerful gaming performances.

Better Airflow Design
The cool air intakes from the bottom creates efficient air flow for quick heat dissipation.

Solid Case Stand
805 features include increased strengthen case stands with four shock-proof rubbers providing the 805 with steady floor or table surface gripping.

User Friendly Installation
• Front fan bracket equipped for easy installation of fans, liquid cooling radiators, and HDD cage.
• Affixed thumbscrews on side panels for easy installation and removal.
• Dust filter has an embedded magnet design for easy removal creating a convenient installation and more importantly excellent dust reduction.


• Premium Material: Steel, Anodised Aluminium and Tempered Glass.
• Full Water Cooling Support: Open construction allows for for watercooled installation.
• Next Gen Connector: Ships with USB 3.1 Type C.
• Low Noise: Shockproof Rubber Feet minimise Noise transfer.