Parrot White Rolling Spider Mini Flying Drone Quadcopter - Factory Refurbished

Parrot Rolling Spider Drone, White, Ultra Compact, Indoor/Outdoor, 4 Engine Bluetooth Smartphone/Tablet Control


Product Overview


This Drone has been Fully Tested & Refurbished by Parrot, and also includes brand new parts!!!

Brand new parts include; New Battery, New USB Charging Cable, New Stickers & User Guide, along with New Packaging.

For peace of mind, 12 Months Warranty is provided directly by ourselves, at Scan Computers International Ltd.

Discover Parrot Rolling Spider: An ultra-compact, lightweight and agile mini drone. Parrot Rolling Spider offers pilots unrivalled flight experience with incredible stability and easy handling.

Incredible Acrobatics
Parrot Rolling Spider is an ultra-compact drone with amazing stability and speed.

Parrot Rolling Spider can be flown indoors and outdoors and is easily controlled by a smartphone or a tablet.

With a single swipe of your finger, this lightweight and agile drone turns 90° and 180°, and with a single click, it performs acrobatic 360° forward and backward flips.

Designed for safe flying, Rolling Spider is fitted with a propeller circuit-breaker in the event of a crash.

Small But Mighty!
Parrot Rolling Spider weighs only 55 grams/1.9 oz yet it boasts superior flight stability thanks to the 3-axis gyroscope auto-pilot and the 3-axis accelerometer.

Its vertical, 60 fps camera measures speed by taking pictures of a set point on the ground every 16 milliseconds and then compares each new picture to the previous one.

This ultra-sophisticated technology based on sensor data fusion, makes the Rolling Spider one of the most stable quadcopters.

Fly and Roll!
Attach removable wheels to your Rolling Spider and roll it anywhere: across the floor, up the walls or across the ceiling. You can even take aerial shots with the embedded vertical mini-camera.

Parrot Rolling Spider features the exclusive Free Fall Take-off that allows the engines to start up automatically when you let go of the Rolling Spider.

To ensure optimum safety, when you pick up the Rolling Spider, the LED lights will turn red indicating that the propellers will remain still.

FreeFlight Mini
The FreeFlight Mini App is available for free.

It offers an intuitive control from your smartphone or tablet and connects through Bluetooth® Smart to your Rolling Spider.

The App is compatible with iOS, Android, & Windows 8.1 (or later) devices.

Please fully charge the battery before use.


• Polyamide structure.
• Measures ultrasounds up to 4 meters away.
• 4 engines.
• 3-axis gyroscope.
• Barometer.
• 3-axis accelerometer +/-50mg precision.
• VGA camera (60 fps).
• Precision hovering.
• Speed: up to 18 kph/11 mph.
• Flash memory 1GB.
• Connection via Bluetooth® Smart.
• Bluetooth® Low Energy Range: 20 m/65 ft.
• Controlled with: FreeFlight Mini, Free App.
• Engine circuit-breaker in the event of contact with propellers.
• Removable, rechargeable Lithium-Polymer 550 mah battery.
• 8-minute life battery (6 minutes with wheels attached).
• OS Linux; SDK available for developers.

• 1 Rolling Spider.
• 1 battery.
• 2 wheels and 1 axis.
• 1 micro-USB cable.
• 1 set of stickers.
• 1 Quick Start Guide.

Also available in Blue.

Price: € 65.00