Thermaltake Comfort

Thermaltake Comfort series UK XC 500 Black/Black Gaming Chair


Product Overview

The X COMFORT Series professional gaming chair comes with an exclusive carbon style faux leather design for those that desire ultimate luxury mixed with streamlined gaming aesthetics and true ergonomic form with maximum function; and in doing so, creates a perfect balance between desired gaming comfort and expected performance during the most intense gaming sessions. With anti-fatigue design and the highest quality of construction materials, the chair offers maximum customisation to suit both your gaming and comfort needs.

Ergonomic & Durable Design
For prolonged periods of sitting, it is important that it be done comfortably with good posture. The National Institute of Health recommends choosing a chair with all the necessary adjustments to support proper posture. This includes:

• Chair with casters and five-point base.
• Seat rest with dense foam padding.
• Backrest with lumbar support.
• Armrest with adjustable height and width.
• Seat height hydraulic adjustment.
• Chair recline and tilt function.





• 22mm Diameter Enhanced Steel Framework

• Dense Foam Padding
- 75kg/m3 density foam padding for true ergonomic support and comfort.
- Durable construction that does not lose shape.
- Environmentally friendly design.

• Premium Faux PVC Leather
High-quality faux leather for enhanced durability, breathability and splash resistance to accidental spills. Use of PVC provides enhanced durability than that of traditional PU materials and is easier to maintain.

• 4D Adjustable Armrest
4 directional height, width and 4-direction adjustable for optimal support of the forearm to relieve wrist pressure and muscle strain.

• Adjustable Seat Back
Allows for effortless adjustment of back angle up to 160 degrees for optimal sitting position during general and gaming use.

• Z Support Multi Function Tilt Mechanism with locking system
Provides adjustable tilt for increasing and decreasing tension by matching the body weight of the user for effortless, secure and sturdy rocking, without putting fatigue on muscles.

• Powerful Class 4 Gas Piston
Gives easy height adjustment of the seat for optimal ergonomic support for both posture and back stress prevention. User can adjust height for optimal support based on environment.

• Sturdy 5 Star Aluminium Base
By using a premium grade aluminium base which is designed to support a max load of 120kg, the chair is more durable and long-lasting compared to it’s nylon based counterpart. With internal structured design and a 70cm (25”) width it is also more stable and solid.

• Large 3" Caster Wheels
Use of large 3” caster wheels provide enhanced base support whilst in use. Wider wheel base also provides quieter operation and further adds to the stability of the chair with even greater freedom of movement.


Price: € 525.00